Wendy Fisk
Pronouns: she/her

Wendy has worked in various roles within the San Diego creative industry for over 15 years managing projects, marketing and production for multiple clients ranging from Nickelodeon to Facebook and Qualcomm to Ballast Point.

She has served as Executive Director for the San Diego chapter of American Photographic Artists for over 7 years helping increase membership, spearheading community outreach and engagement as well as producing all chapter events.

She’s proud to serve alongside a dedicated group of members on APA’s Diversity + Inclusion committee and working on making positive changes to the organization and industry as a whole.

Gary is an award-winning lifestyle photographer based in San Diego, CA. He has an extensive background in visual communications that includes art direction, graphic design, illustration, and of course, photography.

Gary builds layers of story, gesture, and emotion with each photography project while using a stripped-down approach, which enables him to work quickly and efficiently. He says “Ideally, we are making beautiful, timeless images that occupy that magical space between art, commerce, and authenticity.”

His work philosophy begins with collaboration and a solid respect for the client’s objectives. Throughout the process, his goal is to present the highest level work while simultaneously making everyone’s job a little easier.


Nick Nacca
Pronouns: he/him

For Nick Nacca, blending, shaping and sculpting with light is at the heart of his vision. He’s obsessed with light, not just on set, later in a dim room he layers light and color to create still and moving images that stand out in a world of clutter.  His innovative and efficient workflow provides a powerful creative tool for the most challenging projects.

Andrew Burns
Pronouns: he/him

Andrew has never been the kind of artist that enjoys starting with a blank canvas. He thrives when given a set of parameters to work within and thoroughly enjoys the collaborative process. He loves to geek out on the magic of light and strives continually to learn new ways to influence it. However, it is always top of his mind to not get hung up on the technical aspects of photography because the truth is being a keen portrait photographer means relating to people.

Weston Fuller 2016
Weston Fuller
Pronouns: he/him

Weston is a commercial photographer and digital artist based in Carlsbad, California.

He’s received top industry awards, both as a photographer and a digital artist for personal projects and client commissioned work. Weston has an MFA in photography, from the Academy of Art in San Francisco, where he became interested in creating conceptual narratives and photo illustrated images.

With the belief that an image has the innate ability to create change, some of Weston’s most recognized images highlight environmental issues, while documenting issues in todays society. Moments can be captured, but stories are made, and Weston prefers his photography to live somewhere in between.

Dave-sq_ small_-headshot
David Harrison
Pronouns: he/him

A seasoned Southern California photographer, David Harrison’s extensive experience encompasses work for architects, advertising agencies, design studios and consumer publications. Equipped with an avid curiosity and keen compositional eye, Dave’s evocative images reveal his fervent passion for capturing the inherent beauty and drama of his subjects.

Dave brings considerable technical expertise and artistic passion to his commercial work – which ranges from the stunning exteriors of architectural masterpieces to the sleek, mesmerizing designs of luxury interiors.

Focused on even the smallest details, Dave is a perfectionist when it comes to determining the ultimate angle, most effective lighting and ideal exposure to create a highly memorable, compelling image. Beyond his acclaimed lens skills, he is particularly proud that his clients always seem to remark that he’s exceptionally easy to work with.

Bil Zelman
Pronouns: he/him

Photographer Bil Zelman’s work has been collected by museums around the country, and has been listed in Archives Top 200 Photographers sixteen years in a row. His recent monograph “And Here We Are – Stories From the Sixth Extinction” won bronze at the 2020 Prix de la Photographie, and he donates considerable time to conservation minded causes.

Rich Soublet
Pronouns: he/him

I wasn’t one of those people that always knew what they wanted to do. I frittered about from one job to another. I spent my time synching sound cues to Dolphin aerial maneuvers, training dogs, playing poker, doing theatre, and doing whatever other odd this or that I could do to scrape by all through my early 20s. I always had a love for photography, but I never considered it a possibility for a full-time profession until a friend asked me if I could do some headshots for them.

“That’s just a picture of your face, how hard could it be?”

Smash cut to 16 years later and I’m a full-time portrait/production photographer. I’ve flown across the globe because someone thought “He’s the one to make these photos.” I’m constantly learning and refining and reexamining the way I do things to make sure my work always looks better than the last time and I fully believe that’s how I’ve been able to make this work.

I often joke that I’m better at expressing myself visually than with words…while the jury may still be out on that I do think I put a lot of myself into my work and that it shows.

I feel very lucky to be a photographer. Committing moments, memories, and slices of someone’s humanity to a photo has given me a way to put my imagination to good use. Creating something tangible that can hold significance for other people is something I’m deeply honored to be doing.”