APA | SD Professional Level Members receive the following discounts:

Rental Department:
Nelson Photo stocks both Nikon and Canon cameras and lenses, including Tokina and Tamron brands.
They offer APA members a 10% discount on all rentals.  Must have APA current membership card.

Camera Accessories Discount:
APA members receive a 10% discount on camera accessories, including bags, filters, tripods and lighting.  Discount does not include cameras, lenses and lighting kits.

Photo Lab Discount:
APA members receive volume-printing discounts.
30 or more 8×10 glossy or matte prints at $2.99 each

Sensor Cleanings:
Sensor cleanings are 20% off our regular price of $50, APA price at $40.00

Check their website for store hours and information or call 619-234-6621

apa_sponsors_0006_layer-12.jpgAPA members use coupon code APA15 on the member form.
*Discount for new members or 2 years lapsed members only.
Click Here to become a MOPA Member.

Receive a free gift when you purchase at least $50 of gear, free ground shipping, and the best customer
service in the industry. Plus ThinkTank will donate a percentage of their sales to APA | SD!

All you have to do is use this link and start shopping. Your cart will automatically offer you a choice of a free gift!

APASD Members receive: