APA | SD Professional Level Members receive the following discounts:

Rental Department:
Nelson Photo stocks both Nikon and Canon cameras and lenses, including Tokina and Tamron brands.
They offer APA members a 10% discount on all rentals.  Must have APA current membership card.

Camera Accessories Discount:
APA members receive a 10% discount on camera accessories, including bags, filters, tripods and lighting.  Discount does not include cameras, lenses and lighting kits.

Photo Lab Discount:
APA members receive volume-printing discounts.
30 or more 8×10 glossy or matte prints at $2.99 each

Sensor Cleanings:
Sensor cleanings are 20% off our regular price of $50, APA price at $40.00

Check their website for store hours and information or call 619-234-6621

View or Check out this special offer from MOPA for new and current APA members.


Dripbook is a portfolio site. Not only does Dripbook promote your portfolios to those who could potentially hire you, they also offer custom HTML5 websites, social media posting tools, and display applications for smartphones and tablets. All APA members qualify for 20% off Dripbook, giving you the searchable portfolio, social media tools, and display applications for as low as $8/month, with the option to include your own custom website for just $19/month. There is a 30-Day Free Trial on all accounts, so make sure to give them a try!

Code: APA_2019

Yodelist is a proven marketing platform that streamlines your marketing efforts for success! They offer over 60,000 creative contacts that hire you plus the most advanced emailing system in the industry with interactive HTML templates. Their efforts allow you to stay in front of the people you want to work with! All APA members always receive a 20% discount off our services. Contact Will Daniels, and get started today!

Receive a free gift when you purchase at least $50 of gear, free ground shipping, and the best customer
service in the industry. Plus ThinkTank will donate a percentage of their sales to APA | SD!

All you have to do is use this link and start shopping. Your cart will automatically offer you a choice of a free gift!


Use discount code of:  APASD25 on for 25% off, AND FREE shipping if checkout is over $50!


APASD Members receive:
  • 15% discount on all PCE classes, workshops and events
  • Free tours available by appointment only