Tim Mantoani, 1969-2016



San Diego, California

Last week we lost Tim Mantoani to cancer. A talented, generous and rare part of our photographic community is now gone.

Tim was known for his meticulous, beautiful color photography, and he left us with stunning portfolios of Cuba, sports figures, fellow photographers and countless assignments where his light touch and technique was put to good use.

But what anyone who met Tim will remember most was his thoughtful generosity. He supported the photographic community – giving of himself, his experience and his resources in a way that should be a model for how to interact with peers, clients, students and colleagues.

I was lucky enough to experience Tim’s spirit, first hand.  An amazing human being, masquerading as a regular guy.
John Durant, October 10th, 2016

2 thoughts on “Tim Mantoani, 1969-2016

  1. John, I was shocked when I read your email about Tim’s passing. I had the pleasure of meeting Tim last year (along with yourself) as I began my professional photography career. He was so kind and willing to spend time with me reviewing my work and giving of advice to a beginning professional (as were you). His work speaks for itself. I am extremely privileged to have met Tim. A truly gentle soul who will be missed. May God bless Tim and his family.
    Michael Kemp


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