Photo © Tim Tadder 


Art for Assistants is a thoughtful and timely response to the Covid-19 pandemic. The sale of limited edition prints help support photo assistants. This new campaign aims to turn paper and ink into financial support for photography assistants – the often-unsung heroes who work side-by-side with many of our favorite photographers, and who, like many others, have had their work and their incomes come to an abrupt halt.

Photographer Tim Tadder spearheaded this initiative then invited two photographers, who in better times employ assistants on a regular basis, to raise money for these recently out of work team members.  One of those photographers, Shaun Fenn has been instrumental in getting the word out.

Shaun Fenn stated, “I think this is a fantastic idea, and a way for us to give back and a way for you to obtain some beautiful artwork at a reasonable price knowing you’re also doing some good for some hardworking people.”

The program requires a 100% commitment from photographers who participate. Each photographer agrees to sell a limited edition of 100, 11”x14” prints of their own work, for $100 each. They create their own Go Fund Me (, page and then utilizes their social media channels to get word out using the #artforassistants hashtag. The photographers cover all costs, including the printing and shipping, and pledge to give 100% of the proceeds of the sales of the prints to their Assistants (minus the 3% for Go Fund Me). They are also personally responsible for the printing and fulfillment of their prints.

Epson was instrumental in the kick-off of this project and helped provide some of the initial resources. Photographers who want to take the pledge (and are in a financial position to cover the costs to be in the program) can contact Tim Tadder’s studio for help in setting up their Go Fund Me pages and to get a list of resources for purchasing mailing tubes, glassines and shipping labels.

Photographers participating in this effort to date include:

Erik Almas
Andy Anderson
Paul Elledge
Shaun Fenn
Randal Ford
Laurie Frankel
Dan Goldberg
Nick Hall
Jason Lindsey
Michael Muller
Frank Ockenfels
Brian Bowen Smith
Rennie Solis
Art Streiber
Tim Tadder
Dan Winters

Almas, Ford, Ockenfels, and Tadder have already met and exceeded their goals, and more participant photographers are added each day as this campaign gains steam.

To learn more about how you can contribute to this very important cause, please check out this Go Fund Me page, which continues to add photographers.

Please remember you can support the project, and support photo Assistants, by donating any amount, not just through the purchase of a print.

Photographers interested in taking the pledge themselves please contact 

More info can be found on APA National’s page.