Untitled 2022 Winners and Gallery Exhibition

Clockwise from left: Rebecca Grant, Art Streiber, Dana Hursey

Thank you to everyone who entered Untitled 2022! Please join us to celebrate the artists at the one-night-only exhibition on Saturday, November 12th, 2022 at Bread & Salt Gallery in the Brick Room. The top three (3) images will be announced and awarded prizes. See all competition entries shown in a rotating slideshow, sip craft beer, and support the photo community. Our APA chapter will donate 20% of the contest entry proceeds to The Gordon Parks Foundation in support of their Arts & Social Justice Fund.

To preview this year’s winners visit UntitledShow.org

Thank You to our jurors:
Katherine Ware, curator of photography at the New Mexico Museum of Art; Photography consultant and curator, Julie Grahame; and Photo editor, researcher and founder of the non-profit, Free Juice, Allison Retina Stewart.

Saturday, November 12th, 2022
6 – 9 PM

Bread & Salt Gallery
1955 Julian Ave.
San Diego, CA 92113

Thank you to our sponsors:

Untitled 2021 Winners Announced

We want to thank all of our sponsors, and participants who helped make Untitled 2021 a wonderful exhibition and event. A special thank you to our jurors, Anna Goldwater Alexander, Director of Photography at WIRED; Mark Gallo, Creative Director, traina; and gallery owner Joseph Bellows who curated the top 21 selections from nearly 500 submissions. Congratulations to all of our Untitled 2021 finalists and prizes will be awarded to the top 3 images.

20% of the entry proceeds will go to Outside the Lens to support their mission and programming. 

Selected Winners

  • Todd Glaser – 1st Place
  • Jennifer Rubin – 2nd Place
  • Jim Esposito – 3rd Place
  • Nick Nacca
  • Markku Lahdesmaki
  • Marshall Williams
  • Joe Patronite
  • Taggart Lee
  • Beto Soto
  • Dana Hursey
  • Marina Griffin
  • David Fouts
  • Joshua Goodell
  • Jens Lucking
  • Robert Ripps
  • Liana Grigoryan
  • Sam Zauscher
  • Sean Horton
  • Matt Harbicht
  • Jim Esposito
  • Art Streiber

Click here to preview the top 21 winners!

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Untitled 2020 Winners Announced

We want to thank all of the sponsors and participants who helped make the Untitled 2020 a great competition. Rosey Lakos, Director of Photography at Godfrey Dadich Partners curated the top 20 selections from close to 400 entries. And, we’ve partnered with The Gordon Parks Foundation and donated 20 percent of the entry fees to their Arts & Social Justice Fund. Below is the list of all winners and don’t forget to checkout the image gallery.

Selected Winners

  • Jill Broussard, 1st Place
  • George Craig, 2nd Place
  • Elvin Diego, 3rd Place
  • Scarlett Freund
  • Lisa Griffiths
  • Matt Harbicht
  • Mark Holley
  • Diego Jimenez
  • Stacy Keck (2)
  • Dale Lazar
  • Lisa LeJeune
  • Jason Little
  • Scott Lorenzen
  • Alejandro Meter
  • Joe Patronite (2)
  • Martine Severin
  • Jamie Street
  • Ian Tuttle


Thank you for supporting our photo community!


Untitled 2020: Call for Entries Extended!

APA | San Diego is calling for photography that represents your best work – Images that show your unique vision, creative passion, and individualistic style, titled or untitled. This contest is open to all types of photography and with no regard to specific categories. Submit the work that best represents you as a photographic artist. 20 images will be selected for an online exhibition and prizes will be awarded to the top 3 winners.

20% of the entry fees will be donated to the Arts & Social Justice Fund for The Gordon Parks Foundation

We welcome this year’s judge, Rosey Lakos Director of Photography at Godfrey Dadich Partners in San Francisco. She curates and produces visuals for clients ranging from National Geographic and the ACLU to Nike, Google, and IBM. Prior to GDP, Lakos was an integral part of the WIRED photo department where she produced award-winning features and cover shoots.

You can find full details and submission guidelines at untitledshow.org.
Deadline to enter is 11:59PM PDT 10.25.20.

Meet Our Untitled 2019 Judge | Michele Romero

We welcome this year’s judge, Michele Romero.

Michele is a renown creative image consultant and former Photo Editor at Entertainment Weekly Magazine where she produced award winning magazine photography for 29 years for a National Magazine with a focus on Global Pop Culture. Romero is a concept artist who’s incredibly passionate about photography and is looking forward to curating this year’s Untitled Personal Work exhibition.

Michele will curate the show of the top 20 photographs
and prizes will be awarded for the top 3 images. Find full details and submission guidelines at untitledshow.org.


MEET. Michele Romero

Which photograph do you wish you owned if money was no object?
Andreas Gurskey, “Die Tote Hosen”, it’s a gajillion dollars and I think at The Broad but I saw it at MoMa and wept because I love his work and also rock and roll.
What is your process when selecting a photographer to work with?
It depends on the job, which seems like an obvious answer but it is not. For commercial magazine photography, actual lighting skills are a must or were a must. I like concept photography so veered towards photographers who could make narrative work well in one panel. I like a surprise too. One of my favorite assignments was shooting Marilyn Manson at his home in New Orleans. The photographer Max Aguilera-Hellweg had just put out a book called “The Sacred Heart” which was entirely beautifully haunting surgery photographs. I sent the book to Manson and he greenit the assignment. And the shot was perfect. This question always deserves a longer answer.
What is your preferred method for a photographer to reach out to you?
I like seeing great work, period.  And I think building a great instagram profile is paramount.  It is a turnoff for me to see a photographer take selfies with talent or to not keep their feed focused on great work. My colleagues and I discover great new photographers on this platform and I hired a great assistant because her Instagram photographs were fantastic
What makes a great photograph and what is your process when selecting images?
This question also deserves a long answer. A great photograph to me begs a question.  It means I look at it and wonder about it and question it but never solve it.  So I want to keep looking. The intrigue can be beautiful or weird or funny or smart or sublime or exciting. Or it could be iconic which means it happened for the first time. For example, Jimi Hendrix lighting his guitar on fire at Monterey Pop. First time anyone did that. Shot by Ed Caraeff.
A photograph should also ideally show us something new. In reportage it means take me where I cannot go. For portraits it is beauty and intimacy. I am nuts about composition. Many photographers pay no attention to background and think only the foreground is important. All of it is important. For magazine covers, we tried to go for images that would excite or ignite the reader.
As a photo editor at EW you must have faced issues or constraints when putting together the magazine. What were some production challenges and how did you overcome them?
My favorite challenges involved problem solving. Not knowing how to do something makes me want to figure it out always. You can learn to be fast by knowing when you have the picture. The key is pre-planning. Stand-ins or sketches but the image needs to be worked out before talent arrive. Lit and ready to go.  You really only need them for 10 minutes which they LOVE!  I’ll give you an example of a challenge that I overcame with Matthias Clamer. We photographed James Corden for an EW cover for Carpool Karaoke. I thought, “well, what if he is on a car in a pool”, quick pun, getter done.  Matthias is a brilliant problem solver and so it is super fun to give him a challenge to puzzle out. He shot Corden in a studio on an old Mercedes he bought for $1000 (we would later set this car on fire). Matthias put blue plastic beneath the car so he could get a water reflection in post later. Corden stood on top of the vehicle and sang. That was one part of the photograph. Then we had to shoot the car in a pool and comp it together. For days Matthias refused my calls asking how the pool hunting was going. No one would lend him their pool. And so I remembered this scene in a making of the Titanic movie where Cameron was in a pool on a soundstage and I clicked to “above ground pool”. So I bought one on the internet for 200 dollars and had it trucked down from Northern California and we drove the car onto the plastic liner and build the pool around the car, filled it with water and VOILA, SUCCESS.


2019 APA Awards Call for Entries



2019 APA Awards Call for Entries

Our annual competition is open to all photographers at every level, worldwide.
All judges are solely responsible for selecting the images. There is no pre-edit. 


Architecture / Interiors
Beauty / Fashion
Celebrity / Musicians
Conceptual / Altered
Corporate / Industrial
Documentary / Photojournalism
Food / Still Life
Nature / Animals
Personal Projects
Sports / Adventure
Travel / Landscape

Include a CANON EOS 5DS and items from PhotoShelter, ImageRights, ARRI,
Think Tank, Blazing Editions, Adobe, and more.
All winning images appear in a printed book (printed by A&I Fine Arts)

APA members save on each entry. Pricing per entry based on your APA
membership level:

Leader: $25
Professional & Associate: $30
Supporter & Contributors: $35
Non-APA Member Entry Fee: $40

Final Deadline: Monday, July 8th 2019!

Cameron Barnum
Sr Producer, Art Buyer

Owen Bly
Sr Art Producer
Pereira & O’Dell

Jacqueline Bovaird
Photo Producer

Helaina Buzzeo
Art Buyer
Jane Smith Agency

Jessica Carroll
Major League Baseball Photos

Donna Cohen
Director of Photography
Bloomberg Markets

Ali Martín Filsoof
Design Director

Carol Henry
Gallery Director, Curator

Charlie Hess
Design Director, Photo Editor

Patricia Hom
Sr Art Producer

Jennifer Lamping
VP Director of Art Production
Rubin, Postaer and Associates (RPA)

Pilar Law
Gallery Director, Curator

Tania Pirozzi
Art Buyer, Photo Editor

Allyson Torrisi
Deputy Director of Photography
People Magazine


Untitled 2018 Call for Entries Open!


APA | San Diego is calling for photography that represents your best work. Images that show your unique vision, creative passion and individualistic style, titled or untitled. The top 20 images will be chosen for display at a one-night only benefit auction on Saturday, November 10th, 2018. Proceeds from the auction will be donated to the Museum of Photographic Arts. All entries will be judged by acclaimed photography author and educator Thomas Werner and prizes will be awarded for the top 3 images. All entries will be represented in the exhibition slide show on the night of the event.


Visit UntitledShow.org for entry information and submission guidelines.
Deadline for entries is October 9, 2018. Additional fees for deadline extensions will apply.

APA AWARDS | Call for Entries


2018 APA Awards
We have big prizes, big exposure, big recognition for winners this year. Now is the time to go big and enter your best image(s) in our annual contest.
Non-Member Entry Fee: $50 Per Image
Discounts for members:
Leader: $15 (save $35 per entry)
Professional: $20 (save $30 per entry)
Associate: $25 (save $25 per entry)
Supporter: $25 (save $25 per entry)
Contributor: $30 (save $20 per entry)

Fine Art/Personal
Still Life/ Food

Final deadline is July 12th, 2018


Untitled 2017 Winners Announced

APA|SD would like to thank all of the attendees and participants who helped make the Untitled 2017 exhibition and auction a success. More than 140 entries were received and our judge, Dersu Rhodes, curated the top 20. The prints were displayed at Subtext gallery for a one-night only event and silent auction benefiting the Museum of Photographic Arts and prizes were awarded for the top 3 submissions and people’s choice.

1st Prize: Dana Neibert
2nd Prize: Bil Zelman
3rd Prize: Weston Fuller
People’s Choice: Adele Godfrey

Thank you to all of our generous sponsors!

Here are a few photos from the event courtesy of Stacy Keck.


Untitled 2017 Deadline EXTENDED to Midnight October 1st!


APA | San Diego is calling for photography that represents your best work; Images that show your unique vision, creative passion, and individualistic style, titled or untitled. 20 images will be chosen for display at a one-night only benefit auction at Subtext on Friday, November 3, 2017; proceeds from the auction will be donated to the Museum of Photographic Arts. All entries will be judged by Dersu Rhodes and prizes will be awarded for the top 3 images. All entries will be represented in the exhibition slide show on the night of the event.

Please visit our contest site to see full list of prizes.